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The Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance took note of the NCFM Activity Report for 2021

  • 23.06.2022
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The activity report of the National Commission for Financial Markets for 2021 was presented on Wednesday, June 22, to the Parliamentary Commission for Economy, Budget and Finance, which came for this purpose at the headquarters of the supervisory authority.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Dumitru Alaiba, mentioned "the examination of the report within the public authority is to become a tradition, this offering the possibility to the parliamentarians to obtain a better understanding of the institutional specifics and efficiency, directly from the public authority".

NCFM President Cornelia Cozlovschi presented a detailed analysis of the dynamics of the three supervised markets – capital market, non-bank crediting and insurance, as well as their challenges and vulnerabilities. The event served as a good opportunity to discuss the need for reforms to ensure the sustainable development of the markets regulated and supervised by NCFM. Boosting the diversification of financial instruments available on the capital market, creating the normative basis for the proper functioning of voluntary pension funds, collective investment undertakings and crowdfunding platforms are just some of the planned vectors of activity, strengthening the capacity to protect consumer and investor rights being one of the important topics discussed.

In addition to issues related to institutional performance in 2021, topics related to the current concerns and immediate priorities of the Board of Directors were addressed.

„In order to strengthen the institutional capacity, NCFM started in 2022 activities aimed to increase the efficiency of some operational flows, focusing on the improvement of decision-making processes, digitalization and modernization of information systems, taking into account the developments and trends in this field. For the current year, we have also undertaken objectives and actions aimed at further ensuring financial stability, cross-sectoral convergence, harmonization of the regulatory framework and strengthening of supervisory functions, as well as the continuation of the institutional capacity building process, in accordance with the measures, strategic practices and priorities, as well as ensuring consumer protection ", mentioned Cornelia Cozlovschi.

The activity report of NCFM for 2021 is available for free access and download on the official website of the institution -

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