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Strengthening the institutional capacities regarding the internal and external communication of NCFM, supported by USAID

  • 29.06.2022
  • 1616

A series of workshops on public relations and internal communication were organized for the employees of the National Commission for Financial Markets (NCFM), between June 17-29, with the support of the USAID Moldova Financial Sector Transparency Activity (FSTA) Project.

The workshops focused on topics such as crises communication, public discourse, media relations, improving interdepartmental cooperation and institutional climate etc., being moderated by an international communication expert.

The purpose of the six activities was to strengthen the communication and relationship skills of the NCFM employees in the professional activity both with the public and with colleagues.

The workshops were carried out in the context of the elaboration of a new NCFM Communications Strategy, which will be based on three essential pillars in the interaction with public: transparency, accessibility and receptivity. The document is developed with the support of the USAID FSTA Project.

Note: Communication workshops are part of a broader set of actions supported by the USAID FSTA Project to strengthen the capacity of the NCFM and the entities supervised by the regulatory authority. Previously, in this project, insurance companies received training on prudential supervision (ORSA) and risk management. At the same time, the USAID FSTA Project supported the launch of a training program on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing for insurers and non-bank credit organizations.

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