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The European Union supports development of the risk-based supervision system for the non-banking financial market participants in Moldova

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Message of the Chairman

In the conditions of the reforms extension and thoroughness based on market economy principles, a crucial role in ensuring the growth of the economy pertains to the financial market as a whole and its participants. The financial market is one of the main mechanisms of investments attraction and of capital redistribution, serving as the principal supplier of investment resources by transforming savings into investments.  

National Commission for Financial Markets, being the single authority of regulation and control of several sectors of the non-banking financial market, including securities, insurance, savings and loan associations and micro-financing organizations, pays a special attention to ensure the transparency with regard to its activity and to the market development. In this order, we intend that the official web-site of NCFM to become an efficient way of information and interactive communication for all professional participants on financial market, investors, mass-media and public.

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